How To Become Successful And Live Your Dream

(Syeda Sidra Zia, Karachi)

It has been said that desire is the starting point of all achievement, and I tend to agree. If you want to accomplish something, it can't just be a hope, a dream, or a wish. It must be a burning desire that can often be described as an uncontrollable obsession. It must be a thought that transcends everything else. It must dominate your thoughts as well as fuel your passion and drive.

Most people who become winners don't embark on their championship run saying, "I hope to someday become a champion." They literally think about that goal each and every day, and do everything in their power to make sure it happens. They want more than anything for their desire to become reality. They live it; they breathe it; they obsess over it; and they don't make excuses when things don't go right.

Set Goals In Order To Win
Winners win because they set definite goals and because they are committed with purpose.

They place all of their energy, willpower and effort into achieving that goal. Setbacks and losses do not diminish their desire, only making that desire burn stronger. Winners usually exhibit remarkable displays of resiliency. Quitters and whiners, on the other hand, not so much.

Most people who fail at anything are all united by one common thread; they all seem to have a good reason for their lack of success. These chronic excuse makers are also infamous for wanting to explain exactly why they failed to everyone who will listen.
Winners Win Because They Set Definite Goals.

How annoying!
Using clever excuses to explain a lack of success is nothing new; people have been doing it since the beginning of time. But remember, regardless of how logical your reason for failing may be, at the end of the day, reasons are just excuses.

Think Of An Excuse As A Cancer To Your Goals
Hoping, wishing, and excuse making will never bring success. But with the proper state of mind, and a well thought out success plan backed up with persistence and won't settle for failure mindset, you will become successful.

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