Noise pollution hurting public health

(Tuba Shahid, )

Noise pollution is causing great damage to general public health. It leads to irritation, loss of sleep, rest and peace. It is harmful to physical and mental health of the people.

Frequent loud noise affects the working efficiency of the people. Persistent noise pollution causes a loss of sense of hearing too.

Increasing noise pollution is a big threat to the health and fitness of the people. If noise pollution is allowed to go unchecked with the increasing number of vehicles on roads, rising growth of factories and construction work, loudspeakers used on various occasions and the playing of film songs and pop music at wedding celebrations, then it may rob the people of their hearing capacity. All of these are responsible for causing noise pollution.

Noise control laws are openly violated. It is time the authorities wake up and act against the danger of noise pollution. They should strictly enforce noise control laws.

Noise-producing factories located in the residential areas should be shifted to far-off places without any delay. The use of loudspeakers should be stopped after a specific time.

The public needs to cooperate against the dangers of noise pollution. Without public cooperation the authorities cannot make much difference.

It is earnestly hoped that the authorities concerned would take urgent necessary action against those responsible for noise pollution to relieve the people from its harmful effects.

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