Depression, anxiety and stress

(Saad Khan, karachi)

An ailment or other challenges in life (financial, career, family, etc.) can take a physical and emotional toll. So how best to deal with depression (stress, anxiety) while at the same time handle challenges that life throws at us? According to Alvi Clinic, “Depression is a mood disorder that causes a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest ...”

First, one must understand that it takes a fraction of a second to slide into depression. Second, once you are in that phase (depression) then it spirals downward so fast that you do not even realise it, let alone can control it. Lastly, everything around you feels as though it is closing in on you with no exit, it practically takes you over and you do not even realise it. Depression is like drowsy driving, you have not had enough sleep and you get behind the wheel. You are driving and feeling a little sleepy but you keep telling yourself that I can fight it and I will not doze off — then it hits you in a flash. So how best to avoid and prevent depression?

Where to start? The very first step is to “acknowledge it, and accept it”. Do not tell yourself, “it can never happen to me, and even if it does happen to me I can handle it on my own”, or “it happened to me once but I know now and will not let it happen to me again”, or “I am just too strong to ask for help”, or “would others think I am too weak to handle it”, or “no way I am taking a medication/therapy for it”. Once you have realization of depression then and only then you can treat it, fight it.

It happens to all of us but we must learn to deal with the challenges life throws at us
Friends and family? Best advice, as soon as you feel even a tiny bit depressed — reach out to your friends and family (someone you can confide in). Do not try to handle it on your own — no matter how strong you think you are, you just cannot fight it. Talk about it, share it with someone close. Once you talk about it — you will instantly feel relief. Proactively reach out to acquaintances with a positive approach who you know would respect your privacy — many a time it just takes one informal conversation with someone else to help change your perspective. Do not be shy about it!

Positive circle spurs energy. Depression or no depression, develop a positive circle of friends and family around you and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Identify friends and family members whom you can relate to and with whom you can have a candid and open conversation — someone you can confide in. Always remember, negative circles sink energy.

Time, friend or foe? Always remember that “busy time” is your friend and “idle time” is a foe. Keep yourself busy and occupied, find a hobby, watch TV, movies, music, read books, pray regularly, get out of the house, do whatever you like — exert yourself mentally and physically as much you can and within limits so your mind does not drift towards negative thoughts and worries.

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Nice information.
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