Mental Health Diseases

(Muhammad Zuhaib, Karachi)

This is become a common global issue in developing countries especially in Pakistan. Mental health which is very essential for every human being. The population of Pakistan is approximately 19 million. And 5cror (Five) people of Pakistan are suffering from many mental diseases such as Schizophrenia, Sexual mental disease, Bipolar disorder, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, Anxiety Phobia, and Depression. It means 25 percent people of Pakistan are suffering from these diseases in which 20 percent are adults and 2cror are children. There are 15 percent people are suffer from Schizophrenia, 13.1 percent a from Sexual mental disease, 13 percent from Bipolar disorder, 4.3 percent from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, 5 percent Anxiety Phobia and 26.2 percent from Depression. Globally depression affects 20 percent of people while in Pakistan it is more serious with an estimate of 26.2 percent. Both genetics and environmental factors play an important role in its pathogenesis. Around 35.7 percent citizens of Karachi are affected with this mental illness, while 43 percent from Quetta and 53.4 percent from Lahore are also affected.

Why these diseases are spreading in Pakistan or all over the world? There are number of factors that may increase the chance to spread these diseases, thinking too much about what may happen in future, interest in conflict, nothing work thinking too much, past, Physical and sexual abuses can cause these diseases latter in life, medications can increase the risk and it may result from personal conflict or disputes with family members or friend, losing a job or income, getting divorce or retiring, breakup with close friend. Problems such as social isolation, being cast out of a family or a social group can lead to these mental diseases. And the main reason to spread these diseases especially in Pakistan is the acute shortage of Doctor’s, professional in field. There are just 400 specialists doctors to cater the need of the population of 19 million people. I think it is the dark point and because of this these diseases are spreading in Pakistan.

How can we safe from it? People who consult with psychiatrist/doctors can permanently rid out of their diseases and live healthy and prosperous life. But in Pakistan unfortunately 70 percent of people who suffered from any disease never consult with any psychiatrist/doctors. If we are suffering from any disease so we must consult with doctors rather than hiding those disease or feel shame to consult with doctors. Subjects (who are suffering from mental diseases) should spend their more time with their families it will help them to get well soon. And government should take strictly action against the condition of Pakistan as I told there are just 400 doctors which is the lowest rate as compared to other developing countries. I wrote this article to aware people about mental diseases so that people can save their important life. And these figures were collected by many resources.


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