5 tips parents can help their children in overcoming emotional stress

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)

Emotional Stress is a kind of intense mental activity that puts negative effects on a person who confined by it. Physical and mental torture as well as disrespect is the basic cause of emotional stress that leads to depression, gloominess, laziness, doziness, inactiveness and so on. Parents must save their children from emotional stress. They can help their children in overcoming emotional stress through five ways as detailed below:
1. Healthy and Balanced food: Children must be fed with healthy and balanced food under appropriate and common defined intervals to keep their mental and physical health sound. The healthy and balanced food keeps the body strong and strong body has a strong sense that thinks optimistically by overcoming all kinds of stresses. Good health is wealth also it is the blessing of Allah. Besides the provision of healthy and balanced food parents must provide enabling and friendly environment for their children as friendly atmosphere enhances their capacity building and get them to stand in the victory ladders. Again, if their physical and mental health is sound, they can bear all kinds of stress to some extent without absorbing any negative effects.

2. Do Respect & Love: It is a spiritual truth that respect breeds respect. Man is the most valuable creature of the Universe as he supersedes all other creatures, so he may be given respect irrespective of his social status in order to spread love, tranquility and peace in the world. Parents must do respect their children in order to boost their inner abilities up. Apart from capacity building the respect and love teach them how they can overcome emotional stress as child’s life is not empty from emotional stresses.

3. By Avoiding Domestic Quarrelling: It may be kept in mind that open quarrel and conflict puts severe and negative impact upon children as they disturb emotionally. The domestic fighting between parents on a daily basis also puts negative physical effects upon children and in the long run, if the domestic conflicts continued, they become mental and emotional patient by putting the parents in the doldrums. Parents can help their children in overcoming emotional stress if they shun the domestic quarrelling forever.

4. By Teaching and Coaching: Teaching and Coaching is the core act and deed that orients children towards the right path. Children must be given tips how they can save themselves from emotional stresses. They may be told that they should never keep negative impact and unhealthy imagination in their minds. They may be taught that they cannot prevent negative thoughts to come, but they can turn down the pessimistic deliberations through their insights and knowledge. Their will power will save them from inner and outer inconsequence.

5. By Avoiding Threats to Others: Parents must know the law of nature, which tells that each act and deed has its consequence. Good deed breeds good result and bad gives badly upshot and badly end-result. They should take care of others – spread happiness for others – facilitate for others, help people out their hardships – all their good deeds will bring happiness for them and their children. If parents want that their children should save from all kinds of stresses, they must take initiatives to save other children from stresses or at least think betterment of other children and always pray for others too.

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