10 – Disadvantages of Choosing a Wrong Major

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Optimal and maximum advantages of long life education can only be obtained if students may select a right Major; otherwise they have to face negative impact in their professional life. Selecting right Major or Course plays an important role deciding the career path or getting the better structured job having promotional ladders. On the other hand, wrong Major depresses the students in the first instance and creates gloominess in their professional life. Ten (10) disadvantages of choosing a wrong major are given below:
1. Deficiency and Downgrading in Study: Selection of right major boosts mental ability up and involves students in their study as they take an interest in all their assignments. On the other hand, if wrong major is chosen the level of study is not up to the mark. Students do not take interest in their study that leads to deficiency and downgrading.
2. Non-emerging of inner & hidden ability: The inner and hidden ability does not emerge if students choose a wrong major because the course does not boost their interest up; accordingly they lack behind in all their curriculum activities.
3. Difficulty in Study: Students face difficulties attending their classes as the course does not corresponding to their mental interest. After realizing difficulties, they seriously want to switch their majors so that their difficulties could be removed.
4. Lack of Presentation Ability: The wrong selection of course, reduces the presentation ability of students. They are not in a position to speak in public or to debate in group discussion about their major due to lack interest.
5. Difference in Traits and Degree: The traits of the students who select wrong course are inconsistent with their degree awarded to them after completion of education. Accordingly, they face hardships in their syllabus and social activities.
6. Lack of Confidence: It is witnessed all those students who choose wrong majors their confidence is shaken. They are not fluent in their discipline and not in a position to discuss their subjects openly. Due to lack confidence they face much difficulty in competitive interviews.
7. Lack Essence of Education: The major deficiency in choosing the wrong major is non-existing of Essence of Education that is the core value of learning. The essence is invisible ability that can only be realized. Appropriate knowledge is the essence of education if it is without essence, it means that degree adopts, but knowledge drops.
8. Weakness overcomes Strength: The wrong major overcomes the weakness leaving students in scattered fields of confusion and in the long run they hit by dilemma.
9. Difficulty in Job-hunting: The job-hunting is not an easy task, especially for those students who select wrong major as they waste a lot of time in job-hunting are not in a position to capture a suitable job.
10. Stuck-up (Stagnant) in professional life: The students who select wrong major never go up in a structured job as they become stagnant in their professional life. They lack professional knowledge and expertise that is essential in dynamic growth also helpful in stepping up.

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