6 Careers in Professional Psychology

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Career is an ultimate occupation or profession got after considerable training and education followed as someone’s lifework. A lot of struggles are made to get the right and beneficial career. All students in their students’ life think about this – some succeed to get the best and satisfied careers while some do not. Psychology is a study of human mind and animal behavior. The domain of psychology is vast – it has multiple specialized areas and sub-specialized areas. To get a degree in specialized areas of Psychology requires a lot of time. The six Careers in Professional of Psychology are given below:-

1. Psychiatrist: The Psychiatrist is a mental doctor who treats mentally and emotionally unbalanced people. It is a lucrative career in Psychology Profession, but becoming a Psychiatrist is not an easy task as it requires an extensive study and training. A Psychiatrist has to understand the complete body functions along with the complexities of the body and mental illness because a mental illness generally related to bodily illness.

2. Military Psychologist: The Military Psychologist is a Military Mental Doctor who treats military personnel and their families of their mental and emotional disarray. Each sector of military, i.e. Air force, Navy and the others has its respective Psychologist who has an expertise of the required field.

3. Industrial & Organizational Psychologist: Conflicts at workplace are common, if they are not resolved the industrial peace cannot be sustained and desired level of production cannot be obtained. To study the human behavior at workplace Industrial & organizational Psychologist is appointed who continually observes the human behavior at workplace and solves all problems related to human and organization. He tries to build up human behavior by way of knowledge, training, philosophy and decision theory.

4. Neuropsychologist: Neuropsychologist is a brain doctor who treats the brain sickness and brain hurt. In a common word a Neuropsychologist is known and Neurosurgeon who has strong knowledge of the brain – how the brain works and how the brain thinks. He observes the diseases of the brain, spine and peripheral nerves and tells the cause of brain tumors, spinal cord disease. He also finds out the functions of normal and abnormal brains.

5. School Psychologists: School Psychologists play an important role in literacy world – one-sided they watch the ability of students to learn and on the other hand they observe the ability of teachers to teach. They help students in developing their mental abilities so that they could learn how to behave socially, emotionally and academically. They closely work with school administrators, schoolteachers and other academic people in order to create a healthy and learning environment.

6. Geropsychologist: Geropsychologist is a person who studies the mental and body structure of aging people. He studies why strength and mental abilities of human beings are reduced with growing age and how the negative impact of old age can be controlled. He has the knowledge to understand the difficulties of old age people and helps older people to facilitate them to lead their old life smoothly and satisfactorily. In this way Geropsychologists have an important role for the world of old people as they potentially benefit from their services.

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