10 – Self-assessment tips for students while choosing a career

(Syed Manazir-ul-Haq, Karachi)


Choosing a career is not an easy task – it requires analyzing, intention and capacity to select the right career. If a student selects a right career, he will be in a position to get the goal and might fulfill his desired dream. On the other hand, if a student enters into a wrong career it creates gloominess in his professional life. The ten (10) self-assessment tips for students while choosing a career are as follows:
1. Orientation-approach: The first tip for students for choosing a career is Orientation-Approach means to have a complete comprehension about their weaknesses and strengths so that they should overcome their weaknesses by way of their strengths.

2. Determination-Approach: Students should be firm in all respects and in all aspects, so when the decision is made after due consideration, it should not be changed at all. All their energies should expend achieving the goals made by the decision.

3. Optimistic-Approach: Students must analyze themselves that they are not the pessimist instead have the tendency to see the bright aspect of each thing. They must choose their career by way of optimistic approach, so that they could reach their climax by facing hard days and difficulties.

4. Patience-Approach: Students must seek the help of Allah by observing patience because it gives great courage to depressed students and mitigates the negative impacts of depression to a great extent. By observing the patience-approach, they do not worry, if they initially face failure because the patience fills up new soul of courage in them.

5. Thankfulness-Approach: Students must be accustomed to the thanks because the one who does not thank a man, he does not thank Allah. The students while choosing careers must analyze that they have a good passion, to thank the others because to thank the others is synonymous to thank Allah.

6. Time-Management-Approach: Time-Management-Approach is one of the core self-assessment tips for students who choose their careers because time can never come back. They must have the time-management-approach because it is a core self-assessment tip.

7. Labor-oriented-Approach: Students must have the hard hands as hardworking is the key to success. Hardworking is also one of the core self-assessment tips for students who choose their careers. The dynamic careers require labor and steadiness – all students must be characterized by these two elements.
8. Goal-Resorting-Approach: The Students should develop the Goal-Resorting-Approach in them, so that when the targets fixed; they have not deviated. Their continuous chasing towards goals keeps them all the time active and dynamic.

9. Brain-Storming-Approach: The Brain-Storming-Approach is one of the core self-assessment tips for all those students who choose their careers because a career that is selected after brainstorming opens the door of success for students.

10. Knowledge-Sharing-Approach: The Knowledge-Sharing-Approach is greatly beneficial for all students as by this approach they get considerable awareness and knowledge that helps them in their professional lives in getting their goals. The students, who do not have the knowledge-sharing-approaches, generally select a wrong career that never makes them rise and they become stagnant in their professional life. They also lack professional knowledge and expertise that are essential in the dynamic world also helpful in stepping up.

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