Story Of Shayan

(kanwal Naveed, Karachi)

There were four friend sit around the fire. One of them, who were sitting together, said that today was very different to me because of something happen unusual to me. I was tired and felt sleepy then I slept.
His one friend interrupts him, what was unusual with that all of us feel tired and slept. The first one his name was Shayan said, I went deep and dark forest. It was not only furious but also dangerous. I was hungry and trusty. I was searching some food but found nothing then I listen some unexpected voices of people. I want to know who they were and what they were doing here but when I saw them carefully, they were very different from us. All of them had big two face with one big eye. I was shocked. I was looking very different creature which was not like another creature of God alike I seen before. I was wet with fear and my hands were freeze. What I should do, I didn’t know.
They had a big tail at their head. Their flesh was dark brown like melted chocolate. They were whispering and talking to each other. I could not understand their talk. I want to go back which was not possible to me because my leg also freeze. My breath was not in my control. I saw one of them was coming toward me. I felt that it would be last day of my life but after felt like that my eyes turned open. It was only a dream. I was on my bad. I felt that God is great who gives me my life. I was so happy and felt blessed.
When shayan finished his story, his one friend said that, it was a nice story .I am very happy for you. You are a good writer. On the other hand shayan’s another friend was looking unhappy .he said that you waste our time, what a foolish and unrealistic story. No one should be interest in story like that. What is your purpose and where is moral of that story. Shayan felt very unhappy but he was smiling .he decide that he will not tell a story like that again. But after a small period he forgot the criticism of his friend. He said to himself, I want to be a great writer and story teller and my dream helps me a lot. He repeated again and again his words.
He was happy and now he was ready to write a new story because he saw a new dream with his open eyes.

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