The modern classic is now with 3G! What is it?? It's Nokia 3310 3G!!

(Jeyo Khan, )

Nokia is back with the logo of ‘more customized and more connected ever.’ Nokia creates memories and nostalgic feeling in almost everyone. It's finally updated with support for 3G network makes it a world wide phone. Guess what? You can play legendary snake on the colour screen with customized theme, you can even choose from the vibrant shades to suit your style, this is not it.

It's essentiallya£20 feature phone in a shell that sort of- but not quite-looks like many people’s first phone.The fleeting moment of nostalgia it creates is shattered when you realise your childhood has been replaced into money spinning move a marketing department.

Well, there's nothing old in the phone apart from the name and its looks. The iconic up/down button has been replaced by a tiny by directional pad plus, the select button that was found below the screen is dismissed in favour of call ,send and end buttons that sit either side of directional pad. The phone is made out of soft touch plastic and it does feel nice to hold. It feels durable as before with great battery timing, easy to carry and more cheaper than any other 3G support phones. There's a micro USB charging port ,Yes! It is replaced by patli pin wala charger and a headphone jack sits on the bottom.

Obviously, the handset doesn't have a touch screen. It does have a colour panel and all your inputs are via T9 style keyboard.

It is expecting that it will set buyers back by around £60/69 .

What wonderful memories that must evokes, ehhh??

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