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Artillery artillerie  

Definition & Synonyms

• Artillery

  1. (n.) Munitions of war; implements for warfare, as slings, bows, and arrows.
  2. (n.) The men and officers of that branch of the army to which the care and management of artillery are confided.
  3. (n.) The science of artillery or gunnery.
  4. (n.) Cannon; great guns; ordnance, including guns, mortars, howitzers, etc., with their equipment of carriages, balls, bombs, and shot of all kinds.

Gun, Ordnance, Weapon,

• Artillery wheel

  1. () A kind of heavily built dished wheel with a long axle box, used on gun carriages, usually having 14 spokes and 7 felloes; hence, a wheel of similar construction for use on automobiles, etc.