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Atmosphere atmosphère
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• Atmosphere Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) The portion of air in any locality, or affected by a special physical or sanitary condition; as, the atmosphere of the room; a moist or noxious atmosphere.
  2. (n.) The pressure or weight of the air at the sea level, on a unit of surface, or about 14.7 Ibs. to the sq. inch.
  3. (n.) The whole mass of aeriform fluid surrounding the earth; -- applied also to the gaseous envelope of any celestial orb, or other body; as, the atmosphere of Mars.
  4. (n.) Any gaseous envelope or medium.
  5. (n.) A supposed medium around various bodies; as, electrical atmosphere, a medium formerly supposed to surround electrical bodies.
  6. (n.) Any surrounding or pervading influence or condition.

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