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subasta ,almoneda ,remate

Definition & Synonyms

• Auction

  1. (v. t.) To sell by auction.
  2. (n.) A public sale of property to the highest bidder, esp. by a person licensed and authorized for the purpose; a vendue.
  3. (n.) The things sold by auction or put up to auction.

Auction bridge, Auctioneer, Vendue,

• Auction bridge

  1. () A variety of the game of bridge in which the players, beginning with the dealer, bid for the privilege of naming the trump and playing with the dummy for that deal, there being heavy penalties for a players failure to make good his bid. The score value of each trick more than six taken by the successful bidder is as follows: when the trump is spades, 2; clubs, 6; diamonds, 7; hearts, 8; royal spades (lilies), 9; and when the deal is played with no trump, 10.

• Auction pitch

  1. () A game of cards in which the players bid for the privilege of determining or "pitching" the trump suit.