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Bar cervecería
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• Bar Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) To restrict or confine, as if by a bar; to hinder; to obstruct; to prevent; to prohibit; as, to bar the entrance of evil; distance bars our intercourse; the statute bars my right; the right is barred by time; a release bars the plaintiffs recovery; -- sometimes with up.
  2. (n.) Any railing that divides a room, or office, or hall of assembly, in order to reserve a space for those having special privileges; as, the bar of the House of Commons.
  3. (n.) A vein or dike crossing a lode.
  4. (n.) A barrier or counter, over which liquors and food are passed to customers; hence, the portion of the room behind the counter where liquors for sale are kept.
  5. (n.) A broad shaft, or band, or stripe; as, a bar of light; a bar of color.
  6. (n.) A slender strip of wood which divides and supports the glass of a window; a sash bar.
  7. (n.) To fasten with a bar; as, to bar a door or gate.
  8. (n.) A bank of sand, gravel, or other matter, esp. at the mouth of a river or harbor, obstructing navigation.
  9. (n.) The part of the crust of a horses hoof which is bent inwards towards the frog at the heel on each side, and extends into the center of the sole.
  10. (n.) The place in court where prisoners are stationed for arraignment, trial, or sentence.
  11. (n.) The whole body of lawyers licensed in a court or district; the legal profession.
  12. (n.) Anything which obstructs, hinders, or prevents; an obstruction; a barrier.
  13. (n.) The space between the tusks and grinders in the upper jaw of a horse, in which the bit is placed.
  14. (n.) A drilling or tamping rod.
  15. (n.) Any tribunal; as, the bar of public opinion; the bar of God.
  16. (n.) An indefinite quantity of some substance, so shaped as to be long in proportion to its breadth and thickness; as, a bar of gold or of lead; a bar of soap.
  17. (n.) To except; to exclude by exception.
  18. (n.) An ordinary, like a fess but narrower, occupying only one fifth part of the field.
  19. (n.) The railing that incloses the place which counsel occupy in courts of justice. Hence, the phrase at the bar of the court signifies in open court.
  20. (n.) A vertical line across the staff. Bars divide the staff into spaces which represent measures, and are themselves called measures.
  21. (n.) A gatehouse of a castle or fortified town.
  22. (n.) To cross with one or more stripes or lines.
  23. (n.) A special plea constituting a sufficient answer to plaintiffs action.
  24. (n.) A piece of wood, metal, or other material, long in proportion to its breadth or thickness, used as a lever and for various other purposes, but especially for a hindrance, obstruction, or fastening; as, the bars of a fence or gate; the bar of a door.

• Bar iron Definition & Meaning
  1. () See under Iron.

• Baraca Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) An international, interdenominational organization of Bible classes of young men; -- so named in allusion to the Hebrew word Berachah (Meaning blessing) occurring in 2 Chron. xx. 26 and 1 Chron. xii.

• Barad Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) The pressure of one dyne per square centimeter; -- used as a unit of pressure.

• Baraesthesiometer Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) Alt. of Baresthesiometer

• Barathea Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) A soft fabric with a kind of basket weave and a diapered pattern.

• Barb Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) The point that stands backward in an arrow, fishhook, etc., to prevent it from being easily extracted. Hence: Anything which stands out with a sharp point obliquely or crosswise to something else.
  2. (v. t.) To shave or dress the beard of.
  3. (n.) Paps, or little projections, of the mucous membrane, which mark the opening of the submaxillary glands under the tongue in horses and cattle. The name is mostly applied when the barbs are inflamed and swollen.
  4. (v. t.) To clip; to mow.
  5. (n.) A southern name for the kingfishes of the eastern and southeastern coasts of the United States; -- also improperly called whiting.
  6. (n.) A hair or bristle ending in a double hook.
  7. (n.) One of the side branches of a feather, which collectively constitute the vane. See Feather.
  8. (n.) A bit for a horse.
  9. (n.) A blackish or dun variety of the pigeon, originally brought from Barbary.
  10. (n.) Beard, or that which resembles it, or grows in the place of it.
  11. (n.) The Barbary horse, a superior breed introduced from Barbary into Spain by the Moors.
  12. (n.) A muffler, worn by nuns and mourners.
  13. (v. t.) To furnish with barbs, or with that which will hold or hurt like barbs, as an arrow, fishhook, spear, etc.
  14. (n.) Armor for a horse. Same as 2d Bard, n., 1.

• Barbacan Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) See Barbican.
  2. (n.) A tower or advanced work defending the entrance to a castle or city, as at a gate or bridge. It was often large and strong, having a ditch and drawbridge of its own.
  3. (n.) An opening in the wall of a fortress, through which missiles were discharged upon an enemy.

• Barbacanage Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) See Barbicanage.
  2. (n.) Money paid for the support of a barbican.

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