Barabar in English

Barabar meaning in Urdu to English is Equivalent Barabar. Barabar synonym word is Equal, Like, Same and Tantamount. Similar words of Barabar are also commonly used in daily talks like Musabaqati, Aadha aadha, Nuqsan pora karna, and Sakht muqaabla.

Equivalent Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (a.) Equal in measure but not admitting of superposition; -- applied to magnitudes; as, a square may be equivalent to a triangle.
  2. (n.) A combining unit, whether an atom, a radical, or a molecule; as, in acid salt two or more equivalents of acid unite with one or more equivalents of base.
  3. (v. t.) To make the equivalent to; to equal; equivalence.
  4. (n.) That comparative quantity by weight of an element which possesses the same chemical value as other elements, as determined by actual experiment and reference to the same standard. Specifically: (a) The comparative proportions by which one element replaces another in any particular compound; thus, as zinc replaces hydrogen in hydrochloric acid, their equivalents are 32.5 and 1. (b) The combining proportion by weight of a substance, or the number expressing this proportion, in any particular compound; as, the equivalents of hydrogen and oxygen in water are respectively 1 and 8, and in hydric dioxide 1 and 16.
  5. (n.) Something equivalent; that which is equal in value, worth, weight, or force; as, to offer an equivalent for damage done.
  6. (a.) Contemporaneous in origin; as, the equivalent strata of different countries.
  7. (a.) Equal in wortir or value, force, power, effect, import, and the like; alike in significance and value; of the same import or meaning.

Barabar Meaning in English

Urdu Word barabar is commonly used in verbal communication or written narratives. barabar meaning in English is Equivalent برابر. This Roman to Urdu Dictionary is helping those who want to learn the meaning of words from a reliable source. barabar word meaning along with barabar definition is given here for a better understanding of the meaning of that word. We have provided here the detailed definition of barabar, it's meaning in English, and the correct pronunciation of the word.

Dictionary always plays a vital role in learning a new language as knowing the exact use of the word is important. Find the correct meaning of barabar in English with all the key details that include Pronunciation, Similar words, and more than 1 definition for better understanding. Musabaqati, Aadha aadha, Nuqsan pora karna, and Sakht muqaabla are similar words of barabar. This Roman to English dictionary is more helpful to search the English meaning without any hassle.

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