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cascada ,salto de agua ,caer en cascada

Definition & Synonyms

• Cascade

  1. (v. i.) To vomit.
  2. (v. i.) To fall in a cascade.
  3. (n.) A fall of water over a precipice, as in a river or brook; a waterfall less than a cataract.


• Cascade method

  1. () A method of attaining successively lower temperatures by utilizing the cooling effect of the expansion of one gas in condensing another less easily liquefiable, and so on.

• Cascade system

  1. () A system or method of connecting and operating two induction motors so that the primary circuit of one is connected to the secondary circuit of the other, the primary circuit of the latter being connected to the source of supply; also, a system of electric traction in which motors so connected are employed. The cascade system is also called tandem, / concatenated, system; the connection a cascade, tandem, / concatenated, connection, or a concatenation; and the control of the motors so obtained a tandem, / concatenation, control.