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Cherry cerise ,cherry ,cerisier 

Definition & Synonyms

• Cherry

  1. (n.) A tree or shrub of the genus Prunus (Which also includes the plum) bearing a fleshy drupe with a bony stone;
  2. (n.) The common garden cherry (Prunus Cerasus), of which several hundred varieties are cultivated for the fruit, some of which are, the begarreau, blackheart, black Tartarian, oxheart, morelle or morello, May-duke (corrupted from Medoc in France).
  3. (n.) The fruit of the cherry tree, a drupe of various colors and flavors.
  4. (n.) The wild cherry; as, Prunus serotina (wild black cherry), valued for its timber; P. Virginiana (choke cherry), an American shrub which bears astringent fruit; P. avium and P. Padus, European trees (bird cherry).
  5. (n.) A peculiar shade of red, like that of a cherry.
  6. (a.) Like a red cherry in color; ruddy; blooming; as, a cherry lip; cherry cheeks.
  7. (n.) The timber of the cherry tree, esp. of the black cherry, used in cabinetmaking, etc.

Carmine, Cerise, Crimson, Red, Reddish, Ruby, Ruddy, Scarlet,