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pacto ,convenio ,polvera

Definition & Synonyms

• Compact

  1. (v. t.) To thrust, drive, or press closely together; to join firmly; to consolidate; to make close; -- as the parts which compose a body.
  2. (p. p. & a) Closely or firmly united, as the particles of solid bodies; firm; close; solid; dense.
  3. (p. p. & a) Composed or made; -- with of.
  4. (n.) An agreement between parties; a covenant or contract.
  5. (p. p. & a) Brief; close; pithy; not diffuse; not verbose; as, a compact discourse.
  6. (v. t.) To unite or connect firmly, as in a system.
  7. (p. p. & a) Joined or held together; leagued; confederated.

Bundle, Compendious, Compress, Concordat, Constrict, Contract, Covenant, Dense, Pack, Press, Squeeze, Stocky, Succinct, Summary, Thick, Thickset, Wad,