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Conclusion conclusion ,clôture ,fin 

Definition & Synonyms

• Conclusion

  1. (n.) The inferred proposition of a syllogism; the necessary consequence of the conditions asserted in two related propositions called premises. See Syllogism.
  2. (n.) The end or close of a pleading, e.g., the formal ending of an indictment, "against the peace," etc.
  3. (n.) An experiment, or something from which a conclusion may be drawn.
  4. (n.) Final decision; determination; result.
  5. (n.) The last part of anything; close; termination; end.
  6. (n.) An estoppel or bar by which a person is held to a particular position.
  7. (n.) Drawing of inferences.
  8. (n.) Any inference or result of reasoning.

Close, Closing, Decision, Determination, End, Ending, Finale, Finis, Finish, Last, Ratiocination, Termination,