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Congress Congrès ,congrès  

Definition & Synonyms

• Congress

  1. (n.) The lower house of the Spanish Cortes, the members of which are elected for three years.
  2. (n.) The collective body of senators and representatives of the people of a nation, esp. of a republic, constituting the chief legislative body of the nation.
  3. (n.) A gathering or assembly; a conference.
  4. (n.) A sudden encounter; a collision; a shock; -- said of things.
  5. (n.) The coming together of a male and female in sexual commerce; the act of coition.
  6. (n.) A formal assembly, as of princes, deputies, representatives, envoys, or commissioners; esp., a meeting of the representatives of several governments or societies to consider and determine matters of common interest.
  7. (n.) A meeting of individuals, whether friendly or hostile; an encounter.

Coition, Copulation, Intercourse, Relation,