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corneta ,grado de corneta ,cucurucho

Definition & Synonyms

• Cornet

  1. (n.) A brass instrument, with cupped mouthpiece, and furnished with valves or pistons, now used in bands, and, in place of the trumpet, in orchestras. See Cornet-a-piston.
  2. (n.) A part of a womans headdress, in the 16th century.
  3. (n.) The lowest grade of commissioned officer in a British cavalry troop, who carried the standard. The office was abolished in 1871.
  4. (n.) A cap of paper twisted at the end, used by retailers to inclose small wares.
  5. (n.) A troop of cavalry; -- so called from its being accompanied by a cornet player.
  6. (n.) The standard of such a troop.
  7. (n.) A headdress
  8. (n.) See Coronet, 2.
  9. (n.) A square cap anciently worn as a mark of certain professions.
  10. (n.) A certain organ stop or register.
  11. (n.) An obsolete rude reed instrument (Ger. Zinken), of the oboe family.

Horn, Trumpet,