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Corps corps  

Definition & Synonyms

• Corps

  1. (n. sing. & pl.) The human body, whether living or dead.
  2. (n. sing. & pl.) A body of men; esp., an organized division of the military establishment; as, the marine corps; the corps of topographical engineers; specifically, an army corps.
  3. (n. sing. & pl.) A body or code of laws.
  4. (n. sing. & pl.) The land with which a prebend or other ecclesiastical office is endowed.
  5. (n.) In some countries of Europe, a form of students social society binding the members to strict adherence to certain student customs and its code of honor; -- Ger. spelling usually korps.

• Corps of Engineers

  1. () In the United States navy, a corps made up of the engineers, which was amalgamated with the line by act of March 3, 1899. It consisted of assistant and passed assistant engineers, ranking with ensigns and lieutenants, chief engineers, ranking from lieutenant to captain, and engineer in chief, ranking with commodore and having charge of the Bureau of Steam Engineering.