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humedad ,mofeta ,serenidad

Definition & Synonyms

• Damp

  1. (superl.) Being in a state between dry and wet; moderately wet; moist; humid.
  2. (superl.) Dejected; depressed; sunk.
  3. (n.) To put out, as fire; to depress or deject; to deaden; to cloud; to check or restrain, as action or vigor; to make dull; to weaken; to discourage.
  4. (n.) To render damp; to moisten; to make humid, or moderately wet; to dampen; as, to damp cloth.
  5. (n.) Moisture; humidity; fog; fogginess; vapor.
  6. (n.) Dejection; depression; cloud of the mind.
  7. (n.) A gaseous product, formed in coal mines, old wells, pints, etc.

Break, Dampen, Dampish, Dampness, Deaden, Dull, Moist, Moistness, Muffle, Mute, Soften, Weaken,

• Damp off

  1. () To decay and perish through excessive moisture.