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Definition & Synonyms

• Dolly

  1. (n.) A compact, narrow-gauge locomotive used for moving construction trains, switching, etc.
  2. (n.) A tool with an indented head for shaping the head of a rivet.
  3. (n.) A small truck with a single wide roller used for moving heavy beams, columns, etc., in bridge building.
  4. (n.) In pile driving, a block interposed between the head of the pile and the ram of the driver.
  5. (n.) A contrivance, turning on a vertical axis by a handle or winch, and giving a circular motion to the ore to be washed; a stirrer.
  6. (n.) A childs mane for a doll.


• Dolly Varden

  1. () A character in Dickenss novel "Barnaby Rudge," a beautiful, lively, and coquettish girl who wore a cherry-colored mantle and cherry-colored ribbons.
  2. () A style of light, bright-figured dress goods for women; also, a style of dress.