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Definition & Synonyms

• Dry

  1. (superl.) Of vegetable matter: Free from juices or sap; not succulent; not green; as, dry wood or hay.
  2. (superl.) Of certain morbid conditions, in which there is entire or comparative absence of moisture; as, dry gangrene; dry catarrh.
  3. (a.) To make dry; to free from water, or from moisture of any kind, and by any means; to exsiccate; as, to dry the eyes; to dry ones tears; the wind dries the earth; to dry a wet cloth; to dry hay.
  4. (v. i.) To grow dry; to become free from wetness, moisture, or juice; as, the road dries rapidly.
  5. (superl.) Of the eyes: Not shedding tears.
  6. (superl.) Free from moisture; having little humidity or none; arid; not wet or moist; deficient in the natural or normal supply of moisture, as rain or fluid of any kind; -- said especially: (a) Of the weather: Free from rain or mist.
  7. (superl.) Exhibiting a sharp, frigid preciseness of execution, or the want of a delicate contour in form, and of easy transition in coloring.
  8. (superl.) Of animals: Not giving milk; as, the cow is dry.
  9. (superl.) Characterized by a quality somewhat severe, grave, or hard; hence, sharp; keen; shrewd; quaint; as, a dry tone or manner; dry wit.
  10. (superl.) Destitute of that which interests or amuses; barren; unembellished; jejune; plain.
  11. (v. i.) To evaporate wholly; to be exhaled; -- said of moisture, or a liquid; -- sometimes with up; as, the stream dries, or dries up.
  12. (v. i.) To shrivel or wither; to lose vitality.
  13. (superl.) Of persons: Thirsty; needing drink.

Ironic, Ironical, Juiceless, Prohibitionist, Teetotal, Wry,

• Dry goods

  1. () A commercial name for textile fabrics, cottons, woolens, linen, silks, laces, etc., -- in distinction from groceries.

• Dry nurse

  1. () A nurse who attends and feeds a child by hand; -- in distinction from a wet nurse, who suckles it.