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Edit editar
Definition & Synonyms
• Edit Definition & Meaning
  1. (v. t.) To superintend the publication of; to revise and prepare for publication; to select, correct, arrange, etc., the matter of, for publication; as, to edit a newspaper.

• Edited Definition & Meaning
  1. (imp. & p. p.) of Edit

• Editing Definition & Meaning
  1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Edit

• Edition Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) The whole number of copies of a work printed and published at one time; as, the first edition was soon sold.
  2. (n.) A literary work edited and published, as by a certain editor or in a certain manner; as, a good edition of Chaucer; Chalmers edition of Shakespeare.

• Edition de luxe Definition & Meaning
  1. () See Luxe.

• Editioner Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) An editor.

• Editor Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) One who edits; esp., a person who prepares, superintends, revises, and corrects a book, magazine, or newspaper, etc., for publication.

• Editorial Definition & Meaning
  1. (a.) Of or pertaining to an editor; written or sanctioned by an editor; as, editorial labors; editorial remarks.
  2. (n.) A leading article in a newspaper or magazine; an editorial article; an article published as an expression of the views of the editor.

• Editorially Definition & Meaning
  1. (adv.) In the manner or character of an editor or of an editorial article.

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