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abrazo ,abrazamiento ,abrazar

Definition & Synonyms

• Embrace

  1. (n.) To encircle; to encompass; to inclose.
  2. (v. t.) To fasten on, as armor.
  3. (n.) To attempt to influence corruptly, as a jury or court.
  4. (n.) To include as parts of a whole; to comprehend; to take in; as, natural philosophy embraces many sciences.
  5. (n.) To seize eagerly, or with alacrity; to accept with cordiality; to welcome.
  6. (n.) To accept; to undergo; to submit to.
  7. (n.) Intimate or close encircling with the arms; pressure to the bosom; clasp; hug.
  8. (n.) To clasp in the arms with affection; to take in the arms; to hug.
  9. (n.) To cling to; to cherish; to love.
  10. (v. i.) To join in an embrace.

Adopt, Bosom, Comprehend, Cover, Embracing, Encompass, Espouse, Hug, Squeeze,