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época ,siglo ,parte temporal

Definition & Synonyms

• Epoch

  1. (n.) A division of time characterized by the prevalence of similar conditions of the earth; commonly a minor division or part of a period.
  2. (n.) An arbitrary fixed date, for which the elements used in computing the place of a planet, or other heavenly body, at any other date, are given; as, the epoch of Mars; lunar elements for the epoch March 1st, 1860.
  3. (n.) A period of time, longer or shorter, remarkable for events of great subsequent influence; a memorable period; as, the epoch of maritime discovery, or of the Reformation.
  4. (n.) A fixed point of time, established in history by the occurrence of some grand or remarkable event; a point of time marked by an event of great subsequent influence; as, the epoch of the creation; the birth of Christ was the epoch which gave rise to the Christian era.
  5. (n.) The date at which a planet or comet has a longitude or position.