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escudo ,escudete

Definition & Synonyms

• Escutcheon

  1. (n.) A marking upon the back of a cows udder and the space above it (the perineum), formed by the hair growing upward or outward instead of downward. It is esteemed an index of milking qualities.
  2. (n.) The surface, usually a shield, upon which bearings are marshaled and displayed. The surface of the escutcheon is called the field, the upper part is called the chief, and the lower part the base (see Chiff, and Field.). That side of the escutcheon which is on the right hand of the knight who bears the shield on his arm is called dexter, and the other side sinister.
  3. (n.) A thin metal plate or shield to protect wood, or for ornament, as the shield around a keyhole.
  4. (n.) That part of a vessels stern on which her name is written.
  5. (n.) The depression behind the beak of certain bivalves; the ligamental area.