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Definition & Synonyms

• Estate

  1. (v. t.) Tom settle as a fortune.
  2. (v. t.) To endow with an estate.
  3. (n.) Social standing or rank; quality; dignity.
  4. (n.) A property which a person possesses; a fortune; possessions, esp. property in land; also, property of all kinds which a person leaves to be divided at his death.
  5. (n.) The state; the general body politic; the common-wealth; the general interest; state affairs.
  6. (n.) A person of high rank.
  7. (v. t.) To establish.
  8. (n.) Settled condition or form of existence; state; condition or circumstances of life or of any person; situation.
  9. (n.) The great classes or orders of a community or state (as the clergy, the nobility, and the commonalty of England) or their representatives who administer the government; as, the estates of the realm (England), which are (1) the lords spiritual, (2) the lords temporal, (3) the commons.
  10. (n.) The degree, quality, nature, and extent of ones interest in, or ownership of, lands, tenements, etc.; as, an estate for life, for years, at will, etc.

Demesne, Land,