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Exempt exempt
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• Exempt Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) One of four officers of the Yeomen of the Royal Guard, having the rank of corporal; an Exon.
  2. (a.) To release or deliver from some liability which others are subject to; to except or excuse from he operation of a law; to grant immunity to; to free from obligation; to release; as, to exempt from military duty, or from jury service; to exempt from fear or pain.
  3. (a.) Free, or released, from some liability to which others are subject; excepted from the operation or burden of some law; released; free; clear; privileged; -- (with from): not subject to; not liable to; as, goods exempt from execution; a person exempt from jury service.
  4. (a.) To remove; to set apart.
  5. (n.) One exempted or freed from duty; one not subject.
  6. (a.) Extraordinary; exceptional.
  7. (a.) Cut off; set apart.

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