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Definition & Synonyms

• Fantastic

  1. (a.) Indulging the vagaries of imagination; whimsical; full of absurd fancies; capricious; as, fantastic minds; a fantastic mistress.
  2. (n.) A person given to fantastic dress, manners, etc.; an eccentric person; a fop.
  3. (a.) Having the nature of a phantom; unreal.
  4. (a.) Resembling fantasies in irregularity, caprice, or eccentricity; irregular; oddly shaped; grotesque.
  5. (a.) Existing only in imagination; fanciful; imaginary; not real; chimerical.

Antic, Fantastical, Grotesque, Howling, Marvelous, Phenomenal, Rattling, Terrific, Tremendous, Wonderful, Wondrous,