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rana ,gabacho ,franchute

Definition & Synonyms

• Frog

  1. (n.) The triangular prominence of the hoof, in the middle of the sole of the foot of the horse, and other animals; the fourchette.
  2. (n.) The loop of the scabbard of a bayonet or sword.
  3. (n.) An amphibious animal of the genus Rana and related genera, of many species. Frogs swim rapidly, and take long leaps on land. Many of the species utter loud notes in the springtime.
  4. (v. t.) To ornament or fasten (a coat, etc.) with trogs. See Frog, n., 4.
  5. (n.) A supporting plate having raised ribs that form continuations of the rails, to guide the wheels where one track branches from another or crosses it.
  6. (n.) An oblong cloak button, covered with netted thread, and fastening into a loop instead of a button hole.

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