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Gray gris ,gris ,grisonnant 

Definition & Synonyms

• Gray

  1. (n.) An animal or thing of gray color, as a horse, a badger, or a kind of salmon.
  2. (superl.) White mixed with black, as the color of pepper and salt, or of ashes, or of hair whitened by age; sometimes, a dark mixed color; as, the soft gray eye of a dove.
  3. (superl.) Old; mature; as, gray experience. Ames.
  4. (n.) A gray color; any mixture of white and black; also, a neutral or whitish tint.
  5. (superl.) Gray-haired; gray-headed; of a gray color; hoary.

Dull, Grayish, Grayness, Grey, Hoar, Hoary, Leaden,