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Establishing effective communication with the world is the need of time. Learning new languages is therefore helpful in bridging the gap between various nations. Translating from one language to another is not a hurdle anymore. With the advent of online language translation facility, users can translate all difficult words into the desired language that makes it easy to understand and comprehend. Hindi to Spanish Dictionary enables the users to translate all the difficult Urdu words or phrases into English within short period of time. You can use this Hindi to Spanish Dictionary online anytime that can be helpful in communication.

Spanish Roman Hindi
calvario Kalavari कलवारी
cosa vano Behooda बेहूदा
tentativa Koshish कोशिश
gorguera Ek Prakar Ki Machhali एक प्रकार की मछली
escueto Kathor कठोर
apartado Juda Kiya Hua जुदा किया हुआ
verbal Munh-Zabani मुंह-ज़बानी
puente Pul पुल
diseñador Dizainasaaz डिज़ाइनसाज़
diplomático Rajanayik राजनयिक
acusación Abhiyog अभियोग
adepto Nipun Vyakti निपुण व्यक्ति
gandul Chalak चालक
rebatiña Mukt मुक्त
gratis Muft मुफ़्त
poco elegante Asajila असजीला
álbum Chitradhar चित्राधार
espiedo Bhoonane Ka Sinkacha भूनने का सींकचा
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Learn new words with Spanish to Hindi Dictionary and Hindi to Spanish Dictionary. Translate Spanish to Hindi – The learning of new languages now became much simple. Now, people can utilize different mediums to make a firm grip on different languages. However, dictionaries are regarded as a great tool for that purpose. They allow you to know about the new words and to easily search the meaning of difficult words or terms.


This dictionary is good for Hindu and Spanish people. they can easily learn English from this page.

noor , Rawalpindi Fri 30 Sep, 2016

I have a this book of Spanish dictator usually I read this book because I really like to know the Spanish language and its many words

nimara , karachi Thu 22 Sep, 2016

My mother tongue is Hindi but I am eager to learning Spanish and I like to read novels and Spanish songs because it is the enjoy able language I thought

Adeen , Karachi Wed 05 Oct, 2016

Spanish hindi Dictionary can be accessed online through this page. Access this page to avoid any sort of ambiguity or difficulty that you might face during translations

tayyba , johar town Wed 19 Oct, 2016

I want to speak Spanish but I don’t know any single word of this language then my friend suggest me this website. I check the Spanish dictionary and now I easily speak Spanish. i am happy now.

imdad hussaim , Rawalpindi Fri 30 Sep, 2016