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Home morada
Definition & Synonyms
• Home Definition & Meaning
  1. (a.) Close; personal; pointed; as, a home thrust.
  2. (n.) The home base; he started for home.
  3. (n.) Ones own dwelling place; the house in which one lives; esp., the house in which one lives with his family; the habitual abode of ones family; also, ones birthplace.
  4. (n.) A place of refuge and rest; an asylum; as, a home for outcasts; a home for the blind; hence, esp., the grave; the final rest; also, the native and eternal dwelling place of the soul.
  5. (adv.) Close; closely.
  6. (n.) Ones native land; the place or country in which one dwells; the place where ones ancestors dwell or dwelt.
  7. (a.) Of or pertaining to ones dwelling or country; domestic; not foreign; as home manufactures; home comforts.
  8. (n.) The abiding place of the affections, especially of the domestic affections.
  9. (adv.) To the place where it belongs; to the end of a course; to the full length; as, to drive a nail home; to ram a cartridge home.
  10. (n.) See Homelyn.
  11. (n.) The locality where a thing is usually found, or was first found, or where it is naturally abundant; habitat; seat; as, the home of the pine.
  12. (adv.) To ones home or country; as in the phrases, go home, come home, carry home.
  13. (n.) In various games, the ultimate point aimed at in a progress; goal
  14. (n.) The place of a player in front of an opponents goal; also, the player.
  15. (n.) The plate at which the batter stands.

• Home-bound Definition & Meaning
  1. (a.) Kept at home.

• Home-bred Definition & Meaning
  1. (a.) Bred at home; domestic; not foreign.
  2. (a.) Not polished; rude; uncultivated.

• Home-coming Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) Return home.

• Home-driven Definition & Meaning
  1. (a.) Driven to the end, as a nail; driven close.

• Home-dwelling Definition & Meaning
  1. (a.) Keeping at home.

• Home-felt Definition & Meaning
  1. (a.) Felt in ones own breast; inward; private.

• Home-keeping Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) A staying at home.
  2. (a.) Staying at home; not gadding.

• Home-speaking Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) Direct, forcible, and effective speaking.

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