Ihata in English

Ihata meaning in Urdu to English is Premise Ihata. Ihata synonym word is Assumption, Introduce, Preface and Premiss. Similar words of Ihata are also commonly used in daily talks like Ihata karna, Maflof kaghazat, Kanji house, and Ihata bandi.

Premise Definition & Meaning in English
  1. (n.) Either of the first two propositions of a syllogism, from which the conclusion is drawn.
  2. (n.) A proposition antecedently supposed or proved; something previously stated or assumed as the basis of further argument; a condition; a supposition.
  3. (n.) A piece of real estate; a building and its adjuncts; as, to lease premises; to trespass on anothers premises.
  4. (v. i.) To make a premise; to set forth something as a premise.
  5. (n.) To send before the time, or beforehand; hence, to cause to be before something else; to employ previously.
  6. (n.) To set forth beforehand, or as introductory to the main subject; to offer previously, as something to explain or aid in understanding what follows; especially, to lay down premises or first propositions, on which rest the subsequent reasonings.
  7. (n.) Matters previously stated or set forth; esp., that part in the beginning of a deed, the office of which is to express the grantor and grantee, and the land or thing granted or conveyed, and all that precedes the habendum; the thing demised or granted.

Ihata Meaning in English

Urdu Word ihata is commonly used in verbal communication or written narratives. ihata meaning in English is Premise احاطہ. This Roman to Urdu Dictionary is helping those who want to learn the meaning of words from a reliable source. ihata word meaning along with ihata definition is given here for a better understanding of the meaning of that word. We have provided here the detailed definition of ihata, it's meaning in English, and the correct pronunciation of the word.

Dictionary always plays a vital role in learning a new language as knowing the exact use of the word is important. Find the correct meaning of ihata in English with all the key details that include Pronunciation, Similar words, and more than 1 definition for better understanding. Ihata karna, Maflof kaghazat, Kanji house, and Ihata bandi are similar words of ihata. This Roman to English dictionary is more helpful to search the English meaning without any hassle.

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