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Definition & Synonyms

• Imperial

  1. (a.) Of or pertaining to an empire, or to an emperor; as, an imperial government; imperial authority or edict.
  2. (n.) An outside seat on a diligence.
  3. (n.) Anything of unusual size or excellence, as a large decanter, a kind of large photograph, a large sheet of drowing, printing, or writing paper, etc.
  4. (n.) A kind of fine cloth brought into England from Greece. or other Eastern countries, in the Middle Ages.
  5. (n.) A luggage case on the top of a coach.
  6. (a.) Of superior or unusual size or excellence; as, imperial paper; imperial tea, etc.
  7. (n.) A gold coin of Russia worth ten rubles, or about eight dollars.
  8. (n.) The tuft of hair on a mans lower lip and chin; -- so called from the style of beard of Napoleon III.
  9. (a.) Belonging to, or suitable to, supreme authority, or one who wields it; royal; sovereign; supreme.
  10. (n.) A game at cards differing from piquet in some minor details, and in having a trump; also, any one of several combinations of cards which score in this game.

Majestic, Purple, Regal, Royal,