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bonificación ,enmienda ,mejora

Definition & Synonyms

• Improvement

  1. (n.) Increase; growth; progress; advance.
  2. (n.) The state of being improved; betterment; advance; also, that which is improved; as, the new edition is an improvement on the old.
  3. (n.) Valuable additions or betterments, as buildings, clearings, drains, fences, etc., on premises.
  4. (n.) The act of making profitable use or applicaton of anything, or the state of being profitably employed; a turning to good account; practical application, as of a doctrine, principle, or theory, stated in a discourse.
  5. (n.) A useful addition to, or modification of, a machine, manufacture, or composition.
  6. (n.) The act of improving; advancement or growth; promotion in desirable qualities; progress toward what is better; melioration; as, the improvement of the mind, of land, roads, etc.

Advance, Betterment, Melioration,