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indicador ,mostrador

Definition & Synonyms

• Indicator

  1. (n.) Any bird of the genus Indicator and allied genera. See Honey guide, under Honey.
  2. (n.) A pressure gauge; a water gauge, as for a steam boiler; an apparatus or instrument for showing the working of a machine or moving part
  3. (n.) The part of an instrument by which an effect is indicated, as an index or pointer.
  4. (n.) A telltale connected with a hoisting machine, to show, at the surface, the position of the cage in the shaft of a mine, etc.
  5. (n.) An instrument which draws a diagram showing the varying pressure in the cylinder of an engine or pump at every point of the stroke. It consists of a small cylinder communicating with the engine cylinder and fitted with a piston which the varying pressure drives upward more or less against the resistance of a spring. A lever imparts motion to a pencil which traces the diagram on a card wrapped around a vertical drum which is turned back and forth by a string connected with the piston rod of the engine. See Indicator card (below).
  6. (n.) One who, or that which, shows or points out; as, a fare indicator in a street car.
  7. (n.) That which indicates the condition of acidity, alkalinity, or the deficiency, excess, or sufficiency of a standard reagent, by causing an appearance, disappearance, or change of color, as in titration or volumetric analysis.

Index, Indicant,