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Indirect indirect  

Definition & Synonyms

• Indirect

  1. (a.) Not tending to an aim, purpose, or result by the plainest course, or by obvious means, but obliquely or consequentially; by remote means; as, an indirect accusation, attack, answer, or proposal.
  2. (a.) Not reaching the end aimed at by the most plain and direct method; as, an indirect proof, demonstration, etc.
  3. (a.) Not straightforward or upright; unfair; dishonest; tending to mislead or deceive.
  4. (a.) Not direct; not straight or rectilinear; deviating from a direct line or course; circuitous; as, an indirect road.
  5. (a.) Not resulting directly from an act or cause, but more or less remotely connected with or growing out of it; as, indirect results, damages, or claims.