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Knee genou ,genoux  

Definition & Synonyms

• Knee

  1. (n.) A piece of timber or metal formed with an angle somewhat in the shape of the human knee when bent.
  2. (n.) A bending of the knee, as in respect or courtesy.
  3. (v. t.) To supplicate by kneeling.
  4. (n.) In man, the joint in the middle part of the leg.
  5. (n.) The joint, or region of the joint, between the thigh and leg.
  6. (n.) In the horse and allied animals, the carpal joint, corresponding to the wrist in man.

Genu, Stifle,

• Knee jerk

  1. () A jerk or kick produced by a blow or sudden strain upon the patellar tendon of the knee, which causes a sudden contraction of the quadriceps muscle.