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confusión ,yate pequeño ,bullicioso

Definition & Synonyms

• Knockabout

  1. (n.) A man hired on a sheep station to do odd jobs.
  2. (a.) Of noisy and violent character.
  3. (n.) A small yacht, generally from fifteen to twenty-five feet in length, having a mainsail and a jib. All knockabouts have ballast and either a keel or centerboard. The original type was twenty-one feet in length. The next larger type is called a raceabout.
  4. (a.) Characterized by, or suitable for, knocking about, or traveling or wandering hither and thither.
  5. (n.) A knockabout performer or performance.
  6. (a.) That does odd jobs; -- said of a class of hands or laborers on a sheep station.
  7. (a.) Marked by knocking about or roughness.