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Loft grenier ,galerie ,combles 

Definition & Synonyms

• Loft

  1. (n.) That which is lifted up; an elevation.
  2. (n.) A gallery or raised apartment in a church, hall, etc.; as, an organ loft.
  3. (n.) A floor or room placed above another; a story.
  4. (a.) Lofty; proud.
  5. (n.) The room or space under a roof and above the ceiling of the uppermost story.
  6. (v. t.) To make or furnish with a loft; to cause to have loft; as, a lofted house; a lofted golf-club head.
  7. (v. t. & i.) To raise aloft; to send into the air;
  8. (n.) Pitch or slope of the face of a club (tending to drive the ball upward).
  9. (v. t. & i.) to strike (the ball) so that it will go over an obstacle.

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