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Definition & Synonyms

• Master

  1. (n.) The commander of a merchant vessel; -- usually called captain. Also, a commissioned officer in the navy ranking next above ensign and below lieutenant; formerly, an officer on a man-of-war who had immediate charge, under the commander, of sailing the vessel.
  2. (n.) One who has attained great skill in the use or application of anything; as, a master of oratorical art.
  3. (v. t.) To become the master of; to subject to ones will, control, or authority; to conquer; to overpower; to subdue.
  4. (n.) A title given by courtesy, now commonly pronounced mister, except when given to boys; -- sometimes written Mister, but usually abbreviated to Mr.
  5. (v. i.) To be skillful; to excel.
  6. (n.) A vessel having (so many) masts; -- used only in compounds; as, a two-master.
  7. (v. t.) To gain the command of, so as to understand or apply; to become an adept in; as, to master a science.
  8. (n.) A person holding an office of authority among the Freemasons, esp. the presiding officer; also, a person holding a similar office in other civic societies.
  9. (v. t.) To own; to posses.
  10. (n.) One who uses, or controls at will, anything inanimate; as, to be master of ones time.
  11. (n.) A male person having another living being so far subject to his will, that he can, in the main, control his or its actions; -- formerly used with much more extensive application than now. (a) The employer of a servant. (b) The owner of a slave. (c) The person to whom an apprentice is articled. (d) A sovereign, prince, or feudal noble; a chief, or one exercising similar authority. (e) The head of a household. (f) The male head of a school or college. (g) A male teacher. (h) The director of a number of persons performing a ceremony or sharing a feast. (i) The owner of a docile brute, -- especially a dog or horse. (j) The controller of a familiar spirit or other supernatural being.
  12. (n.) A young gentleman; a lad, or small boy.

Captain, Control, Dominate, Lord, Maestro, Original, Overcome, Overlord, Professional, Schoolmaster, Sea captain, Skipper, Subdue, Superior, Surmount, Victor,

• Master vibrator

  1. () In an internal-combustion engine with two or more cylinders, an induction coil and vibrator placed in the circuit between the battery or magneto and the coils for the different cylinders, which are used without vibrators of their own.