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Matador matador
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• Matador Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) In the game of quadrille or omber, the three principal trumps, the ace of spades being the first, the ace of clubs the third, and the second being the deuce of a black trump or the seven of a red one.
  2. (n.) The killer; the man appointed to kill the bull in bullfights.
  3. (n.) The jack of clubs, or any other trump held in sequence with it, whether by the player or by his adversaries.
  4. (n.) A certain game of dominoes in which four dominoes (the 4-3, 5-2, 6-1, and double blank), called matadors, may be played at any time in any way.

• Matadore Definition & Meaning
  1. (n.) Alt. of Matador

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