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misión ,comisión de servicio ,despachar con recado

Definition & Synonyms

• Mission

  1. (n.) Persons sent; any number of persons appointed to perform any service; a delegation; an embassy.
  2. (n.) An organization for worship and work, dependent on one or more churches.
  3. (v. t.) To send on a mission.
  4. (n.) A course of extraordinary sermons and services at a particular place and time for the special purpose of quickening the faith and zeal participants, and of converting unbelievers.
  5. (n.) An assotiation or organization of missionaries; a station or residence of missionaries.
  6. (n.) The act of sending, or the state of being sent; a being sent or delegated by authority, with certain powers for transacting business; comission.
  7. (n.) Dismission; discharge from service.
  8. (n.) That with which a messenger or agent is charged; an errand; business or duty on which one is sent; a commission.

Charge, Commission, Delegacy, Delegation, Deputation,