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Definition & Synonyms

• Monstrous

  1. (a.) Abounding in monsters.
  2. (a.) Extraordinary in a way to excite wonder, dislike, apprehension, etc.; -- said of size, appearance, color, sound, etc.; as, a monstrous height; a monstrous ox; a monstrous story.
  3. (a.) Having the qualities of a monster; deviating greatly from the natural form or character; abnormal; as, a monstrous birth.
  4. (a.) Extraordinary on account of ugliness, viciousness, or wickedness; hateful; horrible; dreadful.
  5. (adv.) Exceedingly; very; very much.
  6. (a.) Marvelous; strange.

Atrocious, Flagitious, Grievous, Grotesque, Heinous, Unnatural,