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mortal ,mortal

Definition & Synonyms

• Mortal

  1. (a.) Human; belonging to man, who is mortal; as, mortal wit or knowledge; mortal power.
  2. (a.) Destructive to life; causing or occasioning death; terminating life; exposing to or deserving death; deadly; as, a mortal wound; a mortal sin.
  3. (a.) Fatally vulnerable; vital.
  4. (a.) Very painful or tedious; wearisome; as, a sermon lasting two mortal hours.
  5. (a.) Of or pertaining to the time of death.
  6. (n.) A being subject to death; a human being; man.
  7. (a.) Subject to death; destined to die; as, man is mortal.
  8. (a.) Affecting as if with power to kill; deathly.

Deadly, Deathly, Human, Individual, Person, Somebody, Soul,