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Musk musc  

Definition & Synonyms

• Musk

  1. (n.) The perfume emitted by musk, or any perfume somewhat similar.
  2. (n.) A plant of the genus Erodium (E. moschatum); -- called also musky herons-bill.
  3. (n.) The musk plant (Mimulus moschatus).
  4. (n.) The musk deer. See Musk deer (below).
  5. (n.) A substance of a reddish brown color, and when fresh of the consistence of honey, obtained from a bag being behind the navel of the male musk deer. It has a slightly bitter taste, but is specially remarkable for its powerful and enduring odor. It is used in medicine as a stimulant antispasmodic. The term is also applied to secretions of various other animals, having a similar odor.
  6. (v. t.) To perfume with musk.
  7. (n.) A plant of the genus Muscari; grape hyacinth.